VTU Year Back System Cancelled Updates For CBCS & Non CBCS

So, guys every year VTU year back system is a hot topic for the students studying in VTU. Every year we come to know different rumours about cancellation of year back system. The year back system followed by VTU is the biggest problem faced by the students of VTU university. VTU is the only university in India currently following year back system. So friends lets talk in detail about the VTU year back system and everything related to it.

What is year back system in VTU

  • For the students studying in 3rd semester should not have 5 or more than 5 backlogs in the 1st and 2nd semester taken together.
  • A student is eligible for 5th semester if he/she has cleared all the papers of 1st and 2nd Semester and do not have backlogs in 5 or more than 5 papers in 3rd and 4th semester taken together at the end of year.
  • Only those students are eligible for 7th semester who have cleared all the papers upto 4th semester and doesn’t have 5 or more than 5 backlogs at the end of 5th and 6th semester.
[the_ad id=”1692″] So these are the rules for year back system in VTU & whoever doesn’t meet upto these rules/guidelines gets year back in VTU. So friends lets talk about the consequences and impact of this year back system on the life of the students studying under the university

Consequences/Impact of year back system

Now, what are the consequences of this year back system on the life of the student studying under VTU. Lets talk in depth about this. Due to this year back system thousands of student studying under VTU looses one year of their engineering. Only the student having year back can feel the burden of it. They get the pressure from parents and society which results in few student loosing their life. In day to day newspaper we come to know about the suicide of the students due to this year back. Most of the students studying under the university are not in favour of this year back system. So why is this year back system and what VTU thinks about this.

VTU thoughts on year back system.

According to VTU vice chancellor H. Maheshappa ” Student should focus on studying and excelling exams. If they do so, this rule will not be hard for them.

Recently in a interview, Vice Chancellor Karisiddappa told that

I request students to go

through VTU guidelines carefully. What students are asking is, allow them to appear for the next year though they have many backlogs. We cannot do it, and This is not fair on students part as well. If students have backs, it is a real burden for them.

[the_ad id=”1696″] So According to VTU this year back system is in favour of the students studying under VTU. But we students think that because of this year back system we are not able to focus on other skills and students are loosing years in their engineering life.

So what we students can do or are doing to save ourselves from this year back system.

Students move against Year Back System

After a long time this year VTU students raised their voice against it and stand united against this ruthless act of VTU. This year some group of students started a petition at change.org for removal of year back system which needed 15000 signatures of the students studying under the university.

The petition successfully completed 15000 signatures within few weeks. Currently it has more than 18000 signatures.You can check out the contents of the Petition here.

Check the Petition

After the petition the matter was printed by several printing media such as The Hindu, Bangalore Mirror. This resulted in reaching the issue to a large group of peoples and got attention from them.

After this a student meeting was held in Bangalore where hundreds of students and AIDSO volunteers attended the meeting. All of them decided to do protest and go on rally to ask some demands from VTU on August 18 in Bangalore and on August 17 in Chikballapur.

Many Students gathered for the rally and supported the cancellation of year back system. The rally was a huge success and was covered by media throughout the state.

Demands of students

  • Remove year back and critical year back system for Non CBCS scheme students
  • Provide Supplementary exam for CBCS scheme students.

Vice Chancellor response after the protest

After the protest and rally, VC said that he will be calling a meeting to discuss the demands of the students. Ministers were favouring students.VC called a meeting on 30th August and a meeting of all colleges Principals on 31st August.

Students move after the decision

To pressurise VTU, Student Struggle committee decided all VTU colleges bundh on 1st September. Principals of different colleges didn’t oppose the bundh but they can’t openly support the bundh since they were affiliated under VTU. Posters were pasted on the streets and inside different colleges in VTU.

On 1st September, students showed their unity and bundh was successfull.

Outcome of the protest of students

VTU Year Back System Cancelled For Non CBCS Students

So, after all the protests and struggle of students a notification was issued officially on VTU website on 13th September regarding cancellation of year back system for Non CBCS scheme students. This cancellation of year back for non CBCS students was known as one time exit scheme. Finally, year back system was cancelled but only for the non CBCS scheme students. Year Back System for CBCS Scheme Continues.
[the_ad id=”1702″] The protest was epic in the history of VTU. It showed the unity of students studying under VTU. So thats all about the VTU year back system cancellation. Do share your views in the comment section of the website below.

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